[Grant Proposal] Cyber <> Rarible Protocol Integration

Cyber offers an easy way for artists and collectors to show their NFTs in experiences. The simplest way to understand what Cyber is is by taking a look at an example here: https://oncyber.io/lol-thedebut1 (DustMonkey actually used Cyber to unveil his collection and sold out in less than 24 hours on Rarible)

This is a proposal to integrate Cyber into the Rarible Protocol. The end result is a “BUY NOW” button within Cyber experiences, such that users can buy NFTs directly through the protocol. In addition to this, it will be possible to split fees such that: a portion of the sales go to Cyber, a portion of the sales go to the Cyber experience owner, with the remaining going to the NFT owner.
This integration would allow Cyber to monetize directly at the app level, and pave the way for other apps planning to go this direction.
Currently, Cyber is loosely integrated with OpenSea and can receive a referral fee of 1%. With the protocol, Cyber will be able to monetize whatever value they want on their front-end (2.5% possibly), which is a huge increase for larger sales, or future planned drops.

Funding Milestones and Payments

Milestones & payments:

  • Milestones 1: Integration of a buy now button for assets available on the rarible protocol
  • Milestones 2: Enable fee splitting from the sales of NFTs on the protocol such that: Cyber receives a fee, Cyber NFT experience owners receive a fee, curators can receive a fee, and NFT owners also receive their cut.
  • Future milestones might include: integrating Rarible’s auction mechanism when live, as well as integrating other drop mechanisms being worked on by the community

Total payment: $40,000 USD equivalent in RARI ($5K upfront to pay for hiring, $20K upon completion of Milestone 1, $15K upon completion of Milestone 2).

Timeline: Depending on integration of the SDK in the works @Rarible, ~1month for Milestone 1, full completion >3 months

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address: 0x9158bdbe113E619B88AF544feaC4967B2a914e71

I consider ourselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed.


Rayan Boutaleb, CEO/Tech Lead, Ecole 42/University of Saint Andrews, rayan@oncyber.io

Neferest, Full Stack Engineer, Former https://supercharge.fyi , neferest@oncyber.io

Will also need to hire 1 dev to fully focus on the Rarible protocol with Rayan

Rayan will be the touch-point for the Rarible <> Cyber relationship. Rayan has attended a previous community call and has built relationships with some of the projects building in our community.


I plan to attend weekly community calls as possible, and provide updates on milestones as I make progress. I also plan to coordinate with the Rarible development team in regards to the architecture. In the event that we can’t fulfill our commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO.

Why should the Rarible DAO fund this?

There are a few reasons:

  1. This will pave the way for other apps looking to sell NFTs from various different platforms directly within their interface. We will provide a case study and guide to help future projects accomplish this.
  2. By funding Cyber, Rarible might benefit if we ever decide to launch a token (zero certainty around this at this point). Regardless, we would love Rarible DAO to help shape the future of the project.
  3. We have an awesome platform, and would love to work together, just as partnering for drops, or creating curated shows. This proposal would align interests further along this direction. We also intend to allow users to mint on our platform. As we integrate the protocol we could allow an option to mint with Rarible.

Cool to see this proposal! Would be fantastic to see this integration push through :slight_smile:

Grant writer here. Do you require assistance. I’ve been completing grants, and foundation requests (I think this may be a better route) for several years. Happy to contribute.

I am familiar with oncyber & its a really cool platform/gallery.
It would be great to see these two work together.
However if it means I loose another 2.5% then I am not at all on board. :disappointed:
Maybe Rarible could give a little Rari.?
& the Artists don’t loose.
Their are many platforms to share your art for free.
But oncyber is pretty choice. :+1: