Grouping signatures before pushing to wallet for basic functions?

Hi folks, so recently I helped a few users understanding Ethereum gas fees and shared some artwork.

As a result, many people started following me, and I told many I would follow them back.

This lead to this madness of a screenshot.

Started to click follow, and after a few seconds the sig requests started being pushed one by one.

This crashed both my phone wallet and my rarible account :joy::joy::joy:

There surely is a better way.

Why not group basic actions until a user activated sig push?

Just as secure, and only a couple clicks away from a massive UX improvement.

Thanks to all the followers tho, keep 'em coming :smiley: I’m still trying to follow back, it’s true :joy:

So you want us all to follow you? Lol.

Isn’t that you asking for likes? :upside_down_face: Don’t be so mean. I kinda like the trippy vibes too.

Follow only if you enjoy the pieces I put out my dear.

I don’t want to be an attention whore :joy: I’m just a dude deep in crypto doing art on the side.

This post is mostly about proposing a UX experience improvement for users not using a browser wallet.

I surely could use your input.


Dang. I wasn’t trying to be that person lol. I was trying to find your profile earlier but it’s tedious from my phone.

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No hard feelings :smiley:

idk if I’m crazy or if the devs moved on this already without saying anything, but I just retried and they all went through without need for a sig.

This is a way to fix it I guess