Having a tough time

I am attempting to create my first nft and for some reason whenever I add etherium funds it keeps getting cancelled. Am I missing somehting?

uploaded my png. and set toggles to “not list for sale”.
Prompted to add Etherium funds so I did that with the first prompt and then it defaults to a minimum of $164.00 for an Etherium deposit? It first defaulted to $300.00 for a minimum deposit. Am I missing something, is that amount correct?

Hi @GmFntc15 sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. There’s quite a lot of info about Gas fees and stuff in this post **MUST-READ** Complete GUIDE for people NEW TO NFT, ETH or Rarible

The price of gas can get high- you can get cheaper fees by choosing a quiet time of day- this site will show you the best times to mint where you live (for example here in Sweden 7-8 am can be up to 3 times cheaper than 6 pm!

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