Having Trouble? Let’s Collect Some Data for Rarible

I’m seeing a lot of people having trouble with similar issues: minting, uploading, seeing broken videos, etc. Because Rarible is still growing I doubt they have the dedicated Human Resources to sift through paragraphs of issues and complaints. Your concerns are warranted. You should get what you paid for. But let’s help the Rarible community by summarizing issues more efficiently into more digestible posts. That way trends and patterns may be spotted easier by the dedicated few looking to help, and we can help them troubleshoot faster.

If you have an issue to share please use the format below

Date of Issue:
Single or Multiple:
File Type:
File Size:
Gas Fee:
Was Your Gas Fee Charged?:
Wallet Used (Metamask, Fortmatic, etc):
Outcome (no NFT, broken video?):
Additional Notes:

I don’t work for Rarible. I haven’t even uploaded onto Rarible yet. But in real life I work as a project manager, and often times problems can be solved when communication is simplified and streamlined.

I hope this helps and if you have suggestions for additional fields, include it in your post and I can edit this later.


Are moderators responding to these issues? Are people actually loosing their money just through the uploading and fee process? I don’t see any of the issues I’ve seen addressed and am concerned about even trying to upload art.