Hidden fees during asset creation?

Might be my complete lack of understanding but annoyed non the less.

Started the process of creating and minting one of my digital artworks and thought it was costing me $12 to complete the transaction only to find I was asked to then pay an additional $78 in gas fees to which I needed to cancel the process losing my original $12. Not too annoyed as you live and learn but at least would have been good to see the full price upfront!!!

Interested to see if anyone else has fallen for this :confused:

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You paid the approval fee. This is a one time fee and will be charged by any application that requests to use your balance to mint or ‘spend’

This is normal and no one took your funds. You paid the Ethereum network to process your transaction.

There are two fees

  • Set approval all
  • Mint

The approval fee is a one time thing and it’s mandatory to allow Rarible to mint from your wallet.

It’s not a trick. It’s standard.

Refer to this guide I wrote about ethereum for more info


Hey thanks for taking the time out to reply!

Okay cool so it’s a one time payment that makes sense thanks for clarifying :smile:

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Anytime! You are welcome :innocent:

note - singles and multiples are different contract interactions and both require approval

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Its for Governance that’s why. It’s for long form discussion. Not simple complaints and questions formed by ignorance.

It was a shock for me the first time I did it too. The first time I tried a single version and paid this setup fee and then was surprised to see a minting fee on the next step - I was surprised but paid the fee. The next time I tried the multiple copies and got another setup fee before being shown the minting fee followed by the minting. At that point I had the same reaction as you and backed off, thinking it was very weird.

However, today I tried again and – you know what? – no set up fee! Plus, being the weekend (I think) my gas fee is about 60% less than the first time. Live and learn, I guess. (You are welcome to look at my profile, though. Would love your comment. :slight_smile:)

Its not a one time fee. I am attempting to upload the same piece of art, that I never actually uploaded, seeing if gas fees are lower. It is asking again for that same small initial fee, which I already paid. So this would be the second time, same piece of art. Where do I see my account with all the gas I have paid?

Sounds like an issue with your wallet if you have paid the Set Approval All transaction.

After that you only pay to mint and I know this works for certain with Metamask. So either there is something wrong with your wallet or there is some confusion going on about what transactions you have sent.

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