How do I assign tags to my minted items?

How is the process of assigning tag or labels to my items?
I want to assign a “Photography” tag to my minted items instead of just “Art”. How to I go about doing that?


Puzzling, isn’t it. I made a music NFT with a MP3 that was also Unlockble to the CD-quality master, but it is tagged as “Art”. Duh! Adding insult to injury, it cannot be found via Search.

Having the same problem. At first I thought it was something overlooked and so I burned the token and resigned during peak hours (lost over $100) trying to set this up.

I think rarible needs some User Experience improvements because it’s one thing to have a bad experience, but another to make users lose money over mistakes in the interface design. There could be a lawsuit here for not enough instructional copy about pitfalls and process tasks.

Same here. My first NFT was a MP3, but after upload, it wouldn’t play due to some flaw in the setup interface. Next, the URL I put in the Unlockable content field to the CD-quality master audio file remained accessible to all viewers before purchase. The NFT was listed as Art not Music. So I had to remove, burn, and kiss ~$100 goodbye. My second attempt worked but it’s still listed as Art, and it cannot be discovered using search, even with the filter set to allow non-Verified. These are expensive losses. People remember how you made them feel more than any other trait, and I must say my experience on Rarible has made me feel burned and subsequently guarded to the point where I will never create another NFT here.


Do you have any other recommendations for music NFT’s? @GalxyGirl

Several music industry veterans are intending to create new NFT music-centric marketplaces, although some are invite-only for top artists. I’m looking for indie artist NFT marketplace, because trying to promote music on sites dominated by so-called “art” NFTs is like drowning in a sea of animated GIFs.

I’m having this same issue, I don’t mind my photography being labeled “art” but i would like to also categorize it as “photography” as well…

i haven’t found any answer on this yet.

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there is another thread mentioning this topic, the answer is that this is a known bug in the minting process, and unfortunately you will not be able to assign a category to an already minted item. Rather, we will all need to burn our NFTs, and remint following an update to fix the bug.

ie- yes, you’ve all noticed a problem, and no its not fixed, and there is nothing we can do about it apparently.

mistakes like this will cause individuals like us to simply leave the platform I imagine…

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