How Do I Follow Others?

I’ve tried to follow other creators and like their work, but on my profile it shows I’m not following anyone and haven’t liked anything. I assume following someone is done the same as everywhere else…by hitting the follow button. Am I wrong?


Yes just go to their profile and hit the follow button.

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Wu is for the children.

@WuTangNFT Thanks…that’s what I thought. Not sure why it won’t allow me to follow anyone.

Try following me here, I follow back.

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Hello, just small advice. I wanted to visit your profile on Rarible, but your url goes to general adress. It’s better to put your own adress with your profile name…:slight_smile:

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To follow a fellow artist you need to click follow, and then go to your wallet to sign the authorization.

There should normally be white notification in the upper right corner of the browser window saying ‘‘Pushed a request to your wallet’’ right after you click follow.

If that helped, you can try here :upside_down_face:



Follow me!