How long after placing bid does the auction end?

I placed my first bid on here. I’m not clear on how long the auction window is for others to bid on it. I really want to get this piece of art. Also the artist is the biggest help I see to this community. But really I just love the artwork.

There’s a windows of several days to accept a bid. The major risk is that the artist do not have enough fund to accept it (it happens often unforutnately from my experience :slight_smile: )

Ok thanks. Do you mean the buyer or the seller doesn’t have enough? I didn’t think the selling artist needs to have funds to accept the bid

In fact, the seller. On the blockchain, whoever initiates a transaction pays the gas fees. If you buy, you initiate the transaction you pay the gas fees+the price of the NFT but if you bid, you just suggest a price. If the seller accepts, he then initiates the transaction hence pays the gas fees.