How long do auctions last? Who wins?

Is there a timer? When are auctions closed? Who controls who is the winning bidder?


Curious about this as well.

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Same here. I was wondering that, too.

I’ve yet to see any timer although considering it’s on a blockchain, I don’t want to have to pay to republish an item if it doesn’t sell either.

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Any luck about how long does a action last? I placed 3 bids yesterday with absolutely no information about what happens next.I’ve emailed customer support yesterday with no reply

Ahoy hoi!
Hopefully, y’all have figured it out by now (I’m just starting to). The bidding can happen for as long as the collectible is for sale. When someone bids there is a temporary amount of time you have to accept that bid (from what I’ve been reading). And I guess technically you have a selling price (unless you didn’t choose the instant buy option), and anyone can make offers (bids) that are lower than the instant sale price. That just keeps happening until the seller decides to accept a bid or the instant sale price is met. I’m not sure how long you have to accept a bid before the bid dissolves though.
I just got my first bid on one of my collectibles and am curious how long I have to decide?


Artists decide when & who - basically the worst online auction platform there is IMO