How long does it take for my item to show up?

How long does it take for items to be published? waiting for a few hours…

Im 2 weeks, still nothing. No response from customer service either. what a joke.

Dont know if it helped but I just clicked speed up and it published one of my items

What? where is the “speed up” button?

I’m using MetaMask, there was a speed up button when the transaction is queued.

OK, right. That just speeds up the processing time, cost more, but its only a matter of minutes.

You must have uploaded a few before or bought or sold one before?

I still can’t find any of mine. Would you search “Lunar Water, 1 Liter” and see if it shows up in the results.
thank you

whats your profile?
I just waited a few hours and then clicked speed up button

my profile is Planetoid Mines.

I think your item is up, I don’t see it in search because maybe the search is publishing items every few minutes. When I go to your profile I can see the item and it says it’s on sale.

Thanks for looking for it. Wish anyone from Rarible would reply

It may not be shown if you are searching for your item with the “Verified only” filter on. This was the case for my own nft when I couldn’t find it.

How do you search without verified filter? I don’t see any buttons in the search that would represent “filter”.

Unfortunately it isn’t part of the top bar search. It’s part of the lower search bar…on the right side of the row there is a button that says “Filter and sort”.

I don’t see any search function at the bottom of the homepage. How do you find it? are you on computer? what page do I have to be on?