How long does it take for new NFT to appear on Home page?

Have minted a new piece (our first) - its showing in our profile, but not visible on the Home page, and cannot be discovered with a search… Anyone have an idea of how long a new piece takes to appear?

It is already searchable on Opensea…

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To add to the confusion, we can go to Opensea & find the piece, and from there can view the listing on rarible for sale…but cannot find it in a direct search on rarible - can only see it by visiting our account :roll_eyes:

So at this moment, we are dependent on potential buyers finding it on Opensea & visiting rarible to buy. We can of course also list it on Opensea, but this means double gas fees!

whats your profile URL?


i was thinking the same thing. lol

Hello @Taciturn_Art and @Darealgenius ,

On Rarible, artwork is only searchable if you are verified. I see on both your Rarible accounts they are not verified (yellow checkmark badge), thus your artwork will not be searchable.

It has better chances at a sale, activity on social media is extremely valuable.

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here too.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

Hey dont worry this IS the same for me. But i Read the guideline and it should take like one week to be verified

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It can vary. Two of the NFTs I created worked straight away. The other two took a bit of time but eventually appeared.

My Own NFT has still not appeared on Rarible since more that one week.

Hurry Up please! :slight_smile: :heart: I want to see some BIDS on it