How long should I wait?

Hi everyone

Some advice needed - I have two tokens that have been stuck queued to be minted for the last 5 days. I also have a token that is stuck in the process of being burned. I have paid extra twice to speed up the burning process but still nothing has happened.

Metamask only gives me the option to pay more to speed up the burning, and to cancel the mintings.

What should I do? Wait? Cancel the mintings?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



Yeah you might want to do a search on the forum here - I believe I once read that you’ll have problems if you try to mint a second item from the same wallet before the first one has completed

The absolute biggest tip I can give you in this NFT world is to be patient because everything (to a point) needs the actions of a human and humans are limited by time and, when it comes to whether or not a miner chooses your token to mint at that time, also greed

So basically I can pay to have a token burned or minted and it may or may not happen depending on whether someone in the world can be bothered to do it?!?!

You have a few options. You can wait for the turn to come first and never know how long it will take. You have to wait. Second, you can cancel for a fee. If you have other actions afterwards, you will need to cancel them sequentially. If a transaction is still ongoing or pending despite canceling, you have a suspended transaction, research on the internet how to get rid of it. Difficult issues to explain here.

It is best to try not to trade and make new NFTs when prices are this high.

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@DEM well basically yeah - have you done any research about what this is all about?

The gas fees have absolutely nothing to do with Rarible or any of the users on this forum; Rarible is a platform, a marketplace, for you to sell whatever it is you want to sell in the form of a NFT

The creation of the NFT - the minting or the process of mining - is defined in cost in exactly the same way as any other marketplace behaves in the capitalist system and that is, as more people want to use a service which is limited by the number of agents whom provide that service then the cost will, obviously, rise

And, conversely, the fewer people accessing the service will result in a price drop for those gas fees

This system as it currently stands is not going to exist in the long-term (i.e. mining, not Rarible) and you have a choice to either use it or to not use it. Getting impatient or pissed about it all is not going to hurt anyone but you so you have to ask yourself “do I want to do this or not?”

To go deeper into your question - did you opt for the safelow fee or the average fee or the high fee? Did you use Raribleanalytics to judge whether or not it is a good time to be trying to do what you want to do? And did you research anywhere at all with the question “what happens if I try to create multiple single NFTs before the last one has completed?”?

And to bring back in what I said earlier

So you might be in a place that is not resolvable but that isn’t anyone’s fault; you need to research :slight_smile:

And please remember that this is a forum of users like yourself. No-one here is responsible for anything that happens with mining or the Rarible platform but we will try to help you as best we can and we will do it in as civil a way as possible


Thanks for the info. I think you took it a little personally for some reason - I never mentioned Rarible or the users on here. I am new to this and was just after some advice from someone that knows more than me.

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No, no, I didn’t

Enjoy your time here :slight_smile:


Oh OK that’s good. I will do thanks! :slight_smile:


I too am having the same issue, ETH left my wallet went through the whole procress have waited overnight and there is just nothing. I can’t even see if it’s in process or if I did it correctly. Going to try OpenSea instead to at least get my artwork up. and maybe Rarible will mint that one I made…but there’s no way for me to even check on it??

Hello @DEM If your transaction is stuck and boosting the Gas didn’t work. You will need to activate custom nonce in your settings then push another transaction through on the same nonce # this will force the previous transaction and the new one to go through. Otherwise every new action gets stuck on the first stuck one. And you will need to pay a cancellation fee for every attempt. Etherscan will tell you what the nonce is for the stuck transaction. Hope this helps. :+1:

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Hello there. It is best not to step with such high gas discharge. If you did, next. You have to wait

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Thanks for the advice. I ended up having to pay extra to burn the tokens and speed up the process.

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Hello everybody,

Hope eveyone is good. I"m new in NFT world. I have mint and created my NFT today (the day of my birthday :slight_smile: ) I just wanna know how many days the NFT arrived in my space ? (i have created this with from my ledger) because i have receive no e-mail confirmation ?

Yersteday night it the transaction have stuck, i have waiting around 15 hours. Then my laptop have reboot This morning i have cancelled it, and pay nothing.

This morning, i Paid Gas and transaction fees normally on a new transaction, with the same ledeger. I think eveything seems to be ok from here ? This morning i created on 6 minute the NFT.

Now i just to wait in my rarible desktop to receive it ?

Than you for your answer :slight_smile: have a nice day.


You should receive it quickly, but sometimes, it can take up to one week to proceed (very rare)

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Thank you for your answer.

I got it and very happy for my first NFT,and just created my second, that’s an amazing concept that i will spread i think ! i have to see how it work on social media now, because i use it rarely.

Have a good day (if you wanna see my creation, my username is : Royalsouls, on rarible :slight_smile: )