How often should I write the support until I get an answer?

It’s a big problem, that rarible can not handle the support. That is a very bad sign for NFT. Buyers buy and have problems. Sellers sell and have problems. No support. Fucking no support for many weeks. It really sucks. These guys make a lot of money, but it just look like a big big scam. Nobody answer any support inquiries. BE AWARE befor creating an NFT. If you have only a small or a big problem, you can not find a solution, cause the support don’t answer. They are scammers just want to make money and don’
t give any support. They took my money and put my item in the wrong category. I am so angry about Rarible.

There have been many users that have found answers in the community. Some users, unfortunately, cannot do everything they want, even basic tools.

We have given answers about not being able to change the category. The only thing to do is wait for an answer, suggest it as a design feature (categories are still in progress, according to Rarible suggestions), or choose a different market. You could also make your own NFTs.
There have been individuals that cannot get a reply from Rarible until a month later.

As far as I’m aware, the only individuals who have taken your money thus far are the miners. When your artwork is sold, that is when Rarible will take a commission.

As for your question: "How often should I write the support until I get an answer?"

  • Once should be good enough. If you keep on sending support tickets, you might be considered spam or you could be pushed to the back of the line since we don’t know how their system works on organizing requests.