How to Delete a Collectable With Wrong Title

Hello, this is my second Newbie post - I had created and minted a 5 of 5 Music NFT collectable but when I had completed everything I saw that I had miss typed the title !! ( idiot ). I couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I re created a new version with the correct title and actually sold a 1 of 5 for that. What I need help with is how to remove the NFT completely form my Collection ? Is this something to do with Burning Tokens ??? Thanks in advance foe any insight to this issue.

Yes, just burn the token :slight_smile:


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Once is minted u cant change anything , your only solution is to burn it and redoit.
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The only way is to burn it :fire: and create a new one, sucks and adds a bunch of wasted gas fees!

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Thanks to all that answered and helped me out with this question ! :grinning: