I Create collectible but can't see it

hi guys! I Create collectible but can’t see in my Collectibles and just something blinked

Have you found your NFT ? NFT takes around 5 to 10 minutes or longer to appear after minting.

it’s near one week !

Happened to me with the first few I minted, they just didn’t appear but I realised no funds had been taken when it all appeared to have gone through. Check you have been debited. I just did again a few days later and they minted.

Okay, Noob here too but I found my first NFT after tinkering a bit. I clicked on that weird icon on top right (the one that looks like some alien object next to where it says 0 RARI). That will take you to your account page. Scroll down and you’ll find your NFT.

On this same page you can modify your profile too - give it a name, a cover pic, an avatar pic, etc. You can also place your NFT on sale here or take it off sale.