I didn't receive my bid's price

Hi, I’ve got a bid on my NFT for about 20 days. I couldn’t accept it earlier due to gas fee. Today I was able to accept it since gas fee was low. MetaMask or Rarible didn’t give me any warning so I accepted the bid, payed 15 dollars and sold my piece. But unfortunately, I couldn’t recieve my ETHs. When I check Bids section on my work, it says bid expired or cancelled. But as I said before, it didn’t give me any warning so I didn’t know that the bid was expired. Collector did recieve my piece tho. Is there anything that I can do to? Thank you.


Hi and welcome among us @ecegundogan,

unfortunately, bids expire after several days, but if the collector received your token, it means that the transaction proceeds. Wait several hours to see if you’re finally credited.

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oh no, man!!!

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me too… I can not see the bid I´ve got in the link item