I got verified! The art world is turning upside down! Be ready!

I got verified and couldn’t be happier about that check mark. Until now I had a very good time on here. The community feels good and supportive.

I guess this could be or already is the future of the art world. If you think about the pandemic and all its impacts on our daily lifes, the unspeakable pain many have to suffer. People they love dying.

Now to further my point. Whilst the pandemic rages onto us, the art world is in pain too. Artists are simply denied to work, sure you work from your studio, but what is art without the exhibition and the thoughts it can generate in the minds of people that stand right before it. NFTs cannot give that back.

But NFTs can give exposure back. Mostly the control of exposure. An artist lives on that. Money comes second.
It is simple: If you are not able to generate exposure on yourself, nothing will. And surely money will never do that job.

This NFT-market is more than a selling plattform, thats important to understand. It is a plattform for the revolution of the art world and you are part of it. It might not feel like a revolution, but ever thought about selling an art piece via a gallery and the gallery tanks the selling price with 50% and more?

I wish everybody a great time on here! Share, but most importantly discuss what makes you come around!


My Profile: https://rarible.com/user/0xe550c9bc8a89a2c3b6a1e62fb9aaf5edf7f55a48


Hi @AdamTourist,

Congratulations !!! :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I’m so happy for you :+1:

You have a good point in your exposé and totally agree with you :clap:

My Fantasy NFT here, here, here and here (NSFW). My profile is here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.


Hellooo @Sheratan

nice to see you here again!
I guess we have to wait a bit more for the revolution to set in.
Every storm starts with a shallow wind.

I mean look at that ETH price these days.

Best regards,


Hallo Konstantin
Das sehe ich ganz genau so und ich denke es ist eine wirkliche Revolution, die sogar völlig neue eigene Kunstgattungen hervorbringen wird.


@KENOBI Möge die Macht mit dir sein!!


Ah! Thanks! May the 4th be with you too!


I second that @AdamTourist
Just want to add that I can`t push every Artist enough to do analog multibles (between 50,- to 350,- €) and promote these for sale on an own onlineshop!

I do so since christmas 2015 and it helped me through the these hard times 20/21 without any shows and fairs. I managed even to raise my income to the best so far last year, even I lost around 60% income of missed shows and fairs in 2020. :scream:

It may take some time to build (same here) but it is so worth it on the long run!
All my Galleries beeing online are also selling more than before.

Hi, my name is Eliot theSuper.
I am an established analog Artist with digital Knowledge.

Check my Account and linkTree for detailed Information.
Please give some hearts to my colletion :love_letter:


Congrats on the badge.
Check My Profile here


Congrats on being verified!!! Great statement to start the thread! Wishing you a lot of success!!


Congrats @AdamTourist :+1:



You are right on the onlineshop and the analog multiples.

Problem for me was and is that i just finished my diploma and I am now in a more than weird situation, where I am ready to for the big exhibitions (that I have, no question) but every one of them is closed. Like I have now done three exhibitons that where fully closed the entire time. Often people buy stuff they see with their physical eye and for me thats okay.
Much of my work, other than the NFTs I minted here, needs a recipient to be there. That is a problem I am tackeling now. For instance (little selfpromo) I now started my own twitch-channel https://www.twitch.tv/adamtourist.
I stream my work process currently involving GMOD, building virtual exhibitons for myself.
One of the results was this NFT https://rarible.com/token/0x60f80121c31a0d46b5279700f9df786054aa5ee5:931948:0xe550c9bc8a89a2c3b6a1e62fb9aaf5edf7f55a48?tab=details

I just want to start new things and use the internet to not be dependent on galleries and exhibitons anymore! Maybe we all strive for this and thats why we are here.

Best regards and nice work,

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@MixedMedia69 thank you alot! You have quite the collection!
YOU ARE THE The Fugitives-guy! Nice, love them.

@OfficialCryptoCube Thank you!!



I wish you too the best!! Thank you!

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Hi Adam, just a question, how long did it take to get verified?
im waiting from 10 days and nothing happened yet.
thanks for your time

ozzy NFA


Hey Ozzy!
Welcome in the community!

Yes I had the same problem. Go to the support page and write them about it. Maybe something got stuck/is missing!

They are very kind over there.

Best regards,

Hi and welcome among us @ozzy,

for now, it takes 6 wees to get verified. Be sure to have fullfilled all requirements or you’ll have to wait another 6 weeks to be able to resublmit and again six weeks (probably more) for your submission to be reverified.

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thanks for answer me guys


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The verification is done manually, and for now, there are approximately 200 submissions per day. So, no, obviously, it’s not possible :slight_smile:

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I can recommend facebook ads! I just spent around 60-80 eur for 10 days and it always works to sell around 5-10 pieces in the pricerange up to 250,- eur. linking your onlineshop with fb and the instagram, so you can mark your product on posts helps too.

Cool thing with the streaming! Thinking about that as well. Just to give an insight when working…



dont shout like that haha