I just was VERIFIED in under 24 hours!

I think there are several factors that help speed this up.
I have 4500 follower IG and 1500 Twitter. My Twitter is very new though. I built them by posting high effort, high quality art I was working on every day. I engage with the community and support all the other artists like crazy. Never underestimate the power of engaging and community building. Help promote others they will help you back. Share your own progress too though, this way you can grow together and you will much faster than alone.

The other things, I put time and effort into my work. These aren’t copy cat style, derivative pieces I create. Learn to create art that has longevity and looks like a viable investment, is highly original and thought provoking, rather than a joke. There should be some strong ideas behind the work too. Whether stories or interesting themes… Make something that will engage an audience not fade into the background with everything else.

We can all help each other, just be willing to really invest time practice and learning to build yourself as an artist. Develop and refine your work into something that people cannot. Anyways I know I’m leaving stuff out, if I remember more I’ll post it here. Feel free to ask me anything about my art work or the process of things.

Oh and don’t forget something everyone seems to forget. Providing a WIP means showing in detail, the whole process behind the scenes that goes into your final work. Here is an example of what I gave Rarible in my verification submission.


wow that was quick :slight_smile:


Hi @CarlCG

So as to dodge misconceptions about verification :

  • Your number of followers have 0 impact on your verification. I’ve seen peoples with less than 50 followers verified in less than 6 hours.

  • Your engagement is more important, by sharing other’s art.

  • NFTs nature have no impact on verification (original, copy, music, photo, art, digital etc.)

however I’am pretty sure that most of other artists here put time and efforts in their art too :slight_smile:

About originality, your artworks remind me a lot of Hajime Sorayama :slight_smile:

The WIP part is the most important thing and I guess that’s why you’ve got verified quickly :wink:

By the way, after this self-appreciation post, could you provide a link to your Rarible Account?

Have a nice day


You were right it’s self indulgent. I didn’t intend it to be I guess I was just excited and wanted it to help since so

many people are having trouble with this. Can you please delete this post? I cannot I don’t have the

option to. I don’t want my assumptions to mislead others definitely. Please help me delete this.


Welcome @CarlCG! No need to delete your post! We are all very friendly here and supportive! I see nothing wrong of you being excited of verification and expressing yourself :partying_face:


Don’t worry, I’m ironic so don’t mind my comment :wink:

And no I won’t delete this post as your testimony is important :smiley:

I’m more friendly that I seem at first glance :rofl:


Que buenos felicitaciones, tu arte es único y muy original de gran calidad eso también ayuda a ser verificado, a mi me respondieron 8 semana después pinendome capture de pantalla de mi trabajos y trabajos en capas para verificar si son míos pero aún no le he mandado mandar los archivos original por email lleva tiempo son pesado y eje estado algo ocupado y desepcionado por el tiempo que tardan en responde :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: pero voy a tomarme mi tiempo para enviar lo quee piden

In english please @NFTcrypto.