I lost money when i pay gas

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Sorry, I ask you to help solve the problem or point out my mistake. Today I decided to expose NFT, transferred about $ 90 on air to Metamask to pay for gas. The money appeared on the account of the metamaska. Then he created a point and insisted on paying for gas, then there was enough money, there was $ 85 for gas. But from metamask I got messages that the transaction failed. Why, then, was all the money charged off me? Here are my steps https://etherscan.io/address/0x388425771dC9795c71E87e27E78ba90116f04c78, how do I know if it’s my fault? money went it is not clear to whom … please help me figure it out

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Unfortunately, I guess you dived in the NFT world without caution.
The gas fee is high nowaday, and you may have ran out of money to pay for gas, hence the transaction failed.

You currently need almost 130 $ to mint an NFT.

Check this site BEFORE minting https://raribleanalytics.com/

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@Sheratan sorry, I didn’t quite understand why if it shows a lower amount

Because there are two fees in fact :
the first one is to create the contract and the second to mint the NFT. The amount you see is to mint but you already paid for the first step, so you might have ran out of gas.

@Sheratan sorry, does this mean I need to pay $ 90 extra to create nft? and after that everything will be okay?

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As the transaction failed, you won’t get your money back.

In the link I provided to you, you have to lines : “approving” and “mint”. for your first NFT, you have to pay boh amounts which may vary a lot from time to time (add 10% to this amount to be sure)

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ok donc si je comprend pour mon premier NFT je doit payer 2 fois.
par la suite j’Aurais juste a payer une fois.

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ok donc si je comprend pour mon premier NFT je doit payer 2 fois.
par la suite j’Aurais juste a payer une fois.

Réponse : oui, c’est exact ; le premier est une redevance de plate-forme et est commun aux autres plates-formes ; vous devriez utiliser un tracker de gaz tel que raribleanayltics.com pour voir quel est le prix actuel


ok so if i understand for my first NFT i have to pay twice. then I would just have to pay once.

Answer: yes, that is correct; the first is a platform fee and is common amongst other platforms; you should use a gas tracker such as raribleanayltics.com to see what the current price is