I never receive the messages to sign when performing a transaction

Every time I attempt to change something. As in set a price for an NFT or even update my profile. I am told to sign a message. This message is never sent to me. Never the less the price for the service is deducted from my wallet. I do not receive any messages to sign. Not in my wallet, email or o. The rarible website. How am I meant to receive these messages and is there anything I can do about my lost eth?

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wot?? :grimacing:

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Hi and welcome among us @Makooma
Several important informations are missing :

  • What wallet are you using?
  • Can you provide a link to your Rarible profile?

What you are describing regarding setting a price or updating you profile is nonsensical as these services are not billed in anyway. Check your transactions, because your wallet security might be compromised.

Setting a sell price is billed. But I was not able to update my profile because I didn’t receive the message I needed to sign.

I am using DeFi

If anyone could just tell me where I am supposed to receive the a message when Rarible tells me to “Sign message to update cover” because I receive no messages. Not in my wallet, email, in browser. I have tried to set a price for an item twice and both times I was asked to “Sign message to update cover” but I received no message and was still charged for the transaction.

Okay, I have seen on a youtube video that a dialogue box is meant to pop up when it asks you to sign a message. This does not happen for me for some reason. I have tried two desktop browsers without adblocker and on android and I can’t get the dialogue box to pop up.

Try to empty the cache of your browser, it may sometimes solve the problem.

Hi @Sheratan ,i having the same problem here…i can’t get any requests to sign confirmation in my wallet…i minted my nft but can’t get any confirmation request to set price when i put it on sale, gas fee deducted. Please help.

My profile link : https://rarible.com/user/0x29c2755dfe269319bc412a7df62ffde658e67eb6

I’m using crypto.com defi wallet.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome among us @Moffix

Currently, the site is having issues connecting. I was recommended by the Rarible team to switch to metamask for now.

I wish you the best here however :blush:

@Sheratan , thanks for the reply, if i switch to metamask wallet, how about my minted NFT? will it be show in my new connected metamask account?

I’m sorry you are also suffering this issue, the most infuriating thing is that it’s impossible to explain the issue well enough for someone who doesn’t have the issue to understand.

I did fix this issue but I was not able to get my money back. The problem was the wallet I was using (DeFi). The My Etherium Wallet or MEW, worked perfectly.

The conformation messages were sent to the wallet app on my phone and I was able to make future transactions without issue. I hope you have some luck getting your money back but I eventually gave up.

Hi @Makooma

MEW doens’t work properly anymore.

@Makooma , thanks for sharing here, i don’t know it was the problem from connecting using Defi wallet, cause me make the mistake twice. I minted my NFT in rarible and paid the gas fee (mint, approval, set price) but failed to put on sale, then i try to sell in opensea and paid the fee for initialize wallet and token approval fee, the same problem during the last process of listing, not get any request for confirmation ( but during fee transactions the request was successfully show in my wallet :unamused: ) this is hurt.