I paid but my nft is not shown

Hi guys,
yesterday I minted my first NFT and after all the process it took about 8 min for my coinbase wallet to accept the transaction, but when the app told me the transaction was made, the NFT didn’t show up on Rarible. I refreshed the website but it always takes me to the same last step which is paying, again.
When I tried to create the NFT the gas fee was about 14 USD, and now it’s asking me for 60 USD… So right now I paid the gas fee but It didn’t create anything.

Please guys help me out!
Thank you!!


Same thing happened to me. It took 3 days for anything to show up on my account. I was able to see my art in the “My Activity” tab at first but nowhere else. The money had come out of my wallet and everything it just took awhile to show up on my profile. I emailed customer support to log the issue. While I didn’t get a reply it could be worth documenting it with them just incase.


Same thing happened to me too.
And I don’t know what to do.
I will email customer support, hope they will answer me.


Well, I did mint my first yesterday and it was up in a minute!!! Maybe is the region you’re at!!!

Check other topics threat you may find your answer!!!



Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it!
In my case nothing shows up in “My Activity” tab, but I will wait until tomorrow and if there’s no answer I will still contact them more.
This gives less credibility to the website and it makes me trust others like Open Sea before Rarible…


Let me know if they answer, they haven’t answered me yet…

Thank you anyways!!

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