I purchased 4 NFT's and only received 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Only one NFT appeared in my wallet. Two purchases failed due to “signature verification” and I still haven’t gotten my ETH back from those. One purchase was successful but no NFT appeared anyway. How should I proceed?

HI, I also purchased 3 NFT recently (3 days ago); and, none showed up in “My Collection”…di I just get scammed-and how does a person “Authenticate” or Verify a NFT collectible
?? Or get $$$(ETH) back if transaction was not genuine/real?

Hi, I just want to add information because I’m unsure of your details and info.

Some wallets like, metamask for example, are not displaying NFTs correctly within the wallet. When this happens, the nft will not appear in rarible.

If you visit etherscan of your wallet address, you should be able to find the nft in the token drop down menu. If the nft you purchased is there then you did receive the nft.

NFTs can be added to most eth web3 wallets, again for example like metamask, by clicking the add collectable within the collectables section. You’ll need the contract address and nft token ID.

If you add your collectable, you can check if your wallet is suffering the strange error that’s been happening in wallets.

If you refresh the collectables section (or leave the wallet application and re-enter the wallet application) and the added collectable disappears, then your wallet provider suffers from this error.

I hope this helps you figure out what exactly is going on.