I take this very serous and would expect others as well

Its upsetting the I’ve invested tons of money countless hours not just on rarible.com but in the NFT field of employment. also my time as a influencer in media . What tics me off is these shit bids. Yes .001 weth is not worth transferring at 22gwei not sorry that’s just dumb . Rarible.com needs a min bid or someone who weeds these asshats out . I just got 25 nfts bid on for a penny each . That’s 1 hour of my time clearing the notification for a real bid. please fix this issue or make a rule thanks . Sorry my time is important and I love rarible just cant stand the cheap people who don’t understand the point . And please don’t say ignore them that’s not the answer, the community is noticing these issues and have addressed them


So what are you waiting for to vote?


punks everywhere!

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