I Will accept any Bid!😜

You can Own a piece of the Worlds first ever NFT of a Bootleg Track!!!

I will accept any Bid…(I have a feeling the Gas fee will negate any profit???)

As A DJ/Producer I’ve never made a penny from the many tracks I’ve produced …


Some of them have been played out by other DJs…Radio 1 airplay

I’ve had Tracks on Compilation Albums

I’ve had labels release my tracks who have disappeared …

I haven’t seen a penny for any of it!!!

So here is the Worlds first ever NFT Bootleg Track.…I don’t expect to make any money…
So I released it because I’m a dreamer and You never Know

At least I can say I have something that is a first in the Music Industry…!!!
Although I expect I’ will be the only person in the world who will know about it…LOLOLOL🤪

Nufrespect!!! :sunglasses:
haha…I forgot the Link…Great Ideas…really bad execution…lolol


Dude, where’s the link so we can see it???

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Cool tune mate!!!

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yea just dropped the link mate…I have great Ideas…really disorganised execution…LOL…

I see you have the user name Arista…Please tell me you are Arista Records and this is going to End up being one of those FairyTale online Stories I see all the Time but never happens top me!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

lmao!! ARTISTA dude!!!


Didn’t happened yet, I’m afraid haha but stay tuned!!!

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Hey @Shminkydj - its really cool stuff!!!

Loved it!!

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Cheers mate…You gonna bid? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I Swear im Dyxlexeic or somthing…Either that or I just see what I would likwe to see…LOL :grin: I genuinely thought that said Arista…

Pretty cool! I would offer a straight trade instead which should result in much lower gas fees for both parties. Let me know!

Hey …Thnx for the offer…how does that actually work? i’m kinda new to this, :grin:

Its pretty simple! I transfer 1 edition of my NFT to you and pay the gas fees on my end then once you receive it you transfer me 1 edition of your NFT and pay gas fees on your end. Gas fees for direct transfers are approx $5-10 USD recently (which is dirt cheap compared to buying someones NFT at their asking price and paying gas fees on top of the NFT price).

So to initiate the transfer just click the menu on your NFT and click “transfer token” then make sure it says only 1 edition then copy and paste in your trading buddy’s digital wallet address which can be found on the main page of their rarible profile.

Easy peasy :laughing:

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Hmmm Thanks for the offer…I’ll need to think about it…I’m new to this scene and the one thing I’ve learnt is to to jump into anything too soon…

whats the actual benefit to each of us if we swap?

Absolutely. There is definitely lots to learn. The benefit to trading in my opinion is it provides a rather cost effective way to add new unique NFTs to your collection and at the same time adding your NFT to other people’s collections which creates more exposure for your NFTs. Trading also shows activity on your rarible account which I feel looks good to potential buyers as well (in addition to buying and selling activity) versus little to no activity such as only waiting for people to buy your NFTs and doing nothing else. Just my 2 cents :ok_hand:

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ahhh …makes sense…

Ok Im interested…which NFT are you offering to swap? …I sold a copy yesterday

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Congrats on the sale! This is my NFT I created that I am willing to trade:

ok, it’s gonna cost me $26 to bid. Will you accept?

what you have to pay just to Bid??? I new here that’s ridiculous…I had no Idea …but yes i will…Let me know as soon as😊

And Thanks


Gas prices for bidding purchases are INSANE right now