Idea: Allow users to stake $rari to different artists and earn based off stakes

The idea is pretty simple: Allow users to stake $RARI to specific artists. Change the $RARI distribution to be based off of stakes rather than simple buy/sell metrics.

You could create a staking mechanism where each artist on the platform is a potential investment. Users could stake $RARI to an individual artist. In doing so, the “investors” could earn $RARI based off of sales that that artist makes. Buyers would still recieve $RARI based off price but artists could receive a proportional $RARI distribution to the amount of $RARI staked to them. This would address the wash trading issue by essentially requiring a wash trader to stake enough $RARI to themselves to make it profitable to wash trade. It would make it clear that they are the only ones staking to themselves however and make it easier to spot strange behavior. Also, if the person is found to be wash trading, they will receive no $RARI distribution and neither will the people staking to them. Staking $RARI would also lock up tokens leading to a stabilization of the price as well as giving it direct utility with which people can earn from it.

This could be a possible solution to the wash trading issue as well as creating a unique ecosystem where people can invest in artists on the platform to tap into the yield farming potential of the technology. It would allow a way for people to both show support for artists they support while also being able to profit from their success. It would add some game theory to the distribution and could make for an interesting experiment.

I’d be interested to hear other’s thoughts on this as I just came up with it and haven’t honestly looked as to how it could be gamed and ways to prevent it.


I love this idea man, thanks for your input !

To engage stakers, instead of lock-up period I would support that part of the stake goes directly to the artist (say between 2% and 10%). Then you get a share from revenue generated by the artist (say 90% go to the artist 10% redistributed between stakers/share holders).

It would incentivize tribes to thrive within Raribles and artist to gain more immediate support from fans : fans don’t need to wait for another NFT to show their support while artists get upfront revenu to finance their work.

This like patronage, very neat !

I love the idea as well…the more interactions we can get from $RARI takon the better!

Im really really liking this idea. This is a really unique staking and i would be really excited to see how it plays out.

Unless we get a simple staking that lets stakers get part of the eth fee that sellers and buyers pay. Either way and i am supporting. Would actually make the token come more valuable.

I like the idea of $rari staking but it scares me to stake directly to users because users are already wash trading. Now their wash trading accounts and their personal accounts would be able to stake and still wash trade, only giving them the same or more opportunity to earn more off their washing.

What if users could stake $rari to the platform and earn off the total transaction volume instead. Then wash trading would benefit everyone staking $rari not just themselves.