If I cancel a sale then relist it will I be charged GAS fees again?

I am new and I have a piece of art up for sale and I made it a single token item but I want there to be multiple tokens available. If I cancel the sale so I can relist it with multiple tokens do I have to pay the GAS fee again?
Thank you.

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Yes so far as there’s some fees with gas somewhere . Its not cheap to do but at the same time it stops from bad stuff flooding the market .

Hey, thanks for the reply. This is turning out to be a lot more expensive than I thought lol. And it costs GAS every time I create a new NFT? Is there a fee from Rarible every time as well?


open sea says Polygon new platform only requires one fee? then free til sale… check it out

rarible is worth the fees maybe

but not for me til i get check which cant now cuz twitter diffculyt for old man like me ):

soon tho or in some weeks…as of now spent $ no coverage

also why is steve jobs job application nft still up for 4 days VS another nice indie artist? flip them every 4 hours and get people verified without need 8 requirements and so long would be empowering for artists and your site

i did get one troll bid…but to accept it i would sell for 3$ and it would cost me another 30$