Image view is too blurred for big images

Hello, I’ve just minted an NFT for a very heavy image (26MB). It’s heavy because it’s high dimension. However, when opening it directly, it has a very blurry display. Is it possible to make the resolution higher for the image preview?

for example:

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Seems fine when viewing it on full screen. One thing I’ve always had to fight with was the blurriness of an image when scanning, usually can only get away with it if you set the scanner to a ridiculously high dpi or at least 300.

usually you have a preview and an original artwork which you put (as a link) in the unlockable content.

the preview should not be too big. as a thumbnail it can look a bit blurry, but if you click on it the original resolution of the preview is showed.

hope this helps…

I’m not sure if I named things properly, what I meant is this:

is blurry, although if I open it full screen it shows it with proper resolution

although maybe it just seems only to me…

that’s what I said. as a thumbnail its blurry but if you click on it you get the original resolution of the preview image.

I believe they have lowered the resolution of thumbnails for bandwidth preservation.

Probably they could save bandwidth but not compress it that much… and there are ways to deliver high-res with low bandwidth, e.g. using lower-size formats (AVIF, WebP etc.) which most CDNs already support

perhaps you can contact rarible support about this and let them know your complaint about this.