Impersonation / Art theft - MG

Accounts involved:
0xca2e6a4d8706ba42b63ff25158c8c36011c5bc32 (Fake Kenze Wee)
0xff2d87086d978a9fcf5aa8ce3788ee6f3e32d683 (MG)


MG funding the fake Kenze Wee account.

After he got caught, quickly moves all the remaining funds back to his real account.

Additional Information:

He is still verified, this guy needs to be removed from the platform.

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Wow this is bad - you should really be a bit more selective and careful with handing out those verified badges. In the past I had bought (and subsequently burned) several tokens by this imposter and with the badge I really thought it is the real one now.

As a creator, I really feel it should be one strike and you’re out if you’re caught impersonating… Stealing art, and making money using someone else’s work, there is no excuse for this.


Great work Detective @Neon.

We need more people doing this.

Is there a way to automate this site-wide?

To find duplicates site-wide and then manually check to see if there is a case of art theft?

I agree. The DAO should make an effort to find a way to reward detectives like @Nico186 for their work. Fakes are prevalent on the platform, and we would be fools not to take advantage of the decentralized nature of the platform to make the decisions we need to make.