Implement gift decline against Spam-Gifting!

There’s people around who mint 10 million editions, put up max royalties and gift them to random people, hoping a few will put them up for sale in order to get rid of them without having to pay burn or transfer fee, and one can’t do anything against it right now. It’s ridiculous and it has to stop.
Rarible, implement a gift decline function, it can’t be that hard!


But why would someone even buy something that has 10 million editions? Wouldn’t that make it more worthless than the gas fee cost?

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Haha I can’t answer that, gotta ask the person doing it, fact is simple: it’s extremely annoying, unnessecary and a waste of energy and money. A gift-decline function is the absolute minimum. It can’t be that people can force their stuff unto others in any way.


I think that’s what the hide function is for. Nice and simple.

There’s an old saying. “Never look a gift horse in the mouth”

(or a rabbit) lol


That’s just not good enough, I can still see notifications about likes of the hidden stuff etc. There is not one single valid argument that speaks against not having to deal with such things by simply being able to decline a gift. It would stop a bunch of scammers and spammers and would give more peace to people, it’s that simple.


I agree it would be a very handy feature to just be able to decline gifts. That said, however, I am not sure it is technically possible at this time due to the nature of NFT.
To put this into perspective: If someone transfers money to your bank account, you can also not decline that money on first hand. You’d have to send it back. Probably same with NFT, albeit that’s just a guess right now. I haven’t been in this situation (yet), and I hope I never will be.


I’m absolutely sure it’s possible somehow, to be honest. Maybe Rarible’s just not all that much interested, since they obviously profit from people like that as well…

you might have better luck getting some sort of permission for reseved assets with your wallet provider, at the end of the day there really isnt anything rarible can do about it

I totally agree - spam

The thing I can’t understand tho (can anyone explain it to me?) is, what’s the point of it in the first place? It’s a shit marketing tool if that’s what it is 🤷

@Faith is right with the hide function we can almost bypass spaming. After having observed the history of certain works that I found interesting, for some creators it is an integral part of their sales system .
First they send 1 or more works to the accounts of recognized collectors. Then these collectors if they are interested will buy the work or several copies of the work. This is from what I understand a very easy way to say hey look and tell me if you are interested.

I can understand that this can be annoying for some people. But I am always happy to receive a gift!


I 100% agree with @MJ.Warg I love Gifts. :heart: :+1:
@SMARTPopArtist Yes its Spam. Yes they use it as a marketing strategy.
I wouldn’t say that its total shit some get great feedback from this or they wouldn’t keep doing it.
Yes it can be very annoying if you don’t want the art.
Even if the creator/collector doesn’t like or buy it. It still puts it in the eyes of many collectors. As much more people look at these accounts then the average Joe. So even if its only there a day or two they get exposure.
All we need is one simple feature option to except gifts or not.
Then everyone would be Happy :smiley:


@MJ.Warg and @OfficialCryptoCube, who doesn’t like gifts! :slight_smile:

So you both seem to believe the benefits outweigh the negatives then? Fair enough

What about the “recognised collector” that’s getting maybe ten or twenty a day? That’s spam and there’s no workaround for it to be seen as anything else

Don’t forget, the people who don’t want it will have to pay to get rid of it and I don’t believe either of you think that’s acceptable, right? What if that collector has to pay to burn twenty unsolicited ‘gifts’? Then that collector has less Eth to spend on actually buying the pieces they do want!

So that means the artists who are doing their thing, creating art, pushing their work in all the right ways, all of a sudden have no sales because the collector who was going to buy a piece from the artist all of a sudden has to burn twenty or more ‘gifts’ … their Eth spend for the day has gone


well no, not really, because those ‘hidden from your shop window’ pieces are all of a sudden getting likes from hundreds of people such as yourselves that appreciate the gift which, using the figures from the OP image, means there are 6.3 MILLION pieces which in no way are going to be sold

So the collector who doesn’t want the piece decides to check their activity feed after using the hide function and guess what? There are thousands of likes for the ‘gifted’ pieces which kills their activity feed and they have no way of knowing (unless they spend considerable time) how their own work is sitting with the world of ‘likes’ and so are therefore disabled from designing their own sales and marketing based on whomever likes their work or follows them!

I don’t believe you both think that that’s OK :man_shrugging:

So the ‘hide function’ may be useful for certain things but for the ‘recognised collector’ it’s no use at all

damn right we do. And, as the OP said

and I 100% believe that’s the way we need to go otherwise those ‘recognised collectors’ will no longer be recognising your work because, guess what? They’ve gone to a platform that doesn’t have a process in which they have to spend their money to unclutter their portfolio; and, now, no-one’s not only going to buy that ‘gift’ but they’re also not going to buy your work

Which then means you question yourself - “what am I doing here? I gotta get to where the collectors are … I’ve gotta get my work in front of the eyes of collectors …”

No more collectors. No more artists. Just a shit-show of unwanted clutter and spam being blown across your screens like tumbleweed


Agreeing all the way. The word “gift” doesn’t even apply here mostly, since a gift is something that’s been given out of compassion towards someone else, what we’re talking about here is nothing less but utter garbage spamming for a 100% self-serving reasons and sometimes even brings along active bullying when those people see their stuff burned (like in my case, the person just sent another 600 editions simply to troll me).
I’m kind of surprised how many people seem to think there’s anything good coming from these spam-actions other than energy and money waste.

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what. the. actual. fuck.

You got sent 600 editions as a troll?

That’s insane.

$480 to burn right now …

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Actually you can burn ll editions together as a pack, it was just 3$ or so, but still, it’s just so immensely stupid.

Ah right

Still, in some parts of the world $3 is food for three days

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People keep resorting to this activity thing. But As a collector with a significant collection your activity feed is already unreadable anyway.
Only Activity I really care about is sales and if I got Rari
Which both have the direct notification.
I can just look at my piece to see how many likes it got.
No its not right to have to pay to burn. But just hide um.


… only if people ‘like’ your pieces hundreds of times (which is what happens with spam ‘gifts’)

seeing the number of likes isn’t the point in the activity feed marketing and promo tool - it’s seeing who liked your piece that is important as you can use this info to directly engage with potential collectors. But you can’t do that if your feed is saturated …

‘Hide um’ doesn’t work - I’ve hidden a few on mine and right now I’ve got a shit-ton of ‘likes’ of those pieces which is, well, annoying

So surely you couldn’t disagree with a simple fix that improves the UX, could you? :slight_smile:


if we can choose to activate the option or not to activate it ok that will not bother me.


If I own 1 hundred pieces from others weather I bought traded or got spammed and they all get 1 like a day it still fills my feed with their likes and makes it hard to see any of mine. I think I only got about 50 pieces from others few are spam and I can’t see my activity at all already.

Wait you mean like spamming them and asking if they want to
buy more lol.

With out a doubt I think they should implement this feature if they can.
My only debate is that it needs to be optional.
As myself and many others enjoy free NFTs even if spam.
But I don’t think its possible for Rarible.
Like @dangerdatsun said I think we need to ask our wallet provider.
Lets put our selves in the little guys shoes. Maybe they want to collect but can’t afford these high priced NFTs or the Gas. they want to be part of the party but can’t.
For those people getting spammed some NFTs is a absolute Blessing.
Just depends on the persons preference Which is why I say it must be optional.