Impossible to sell a NFT for 7 hours now - RPC Error: [-32603]

I am getting pretty upset now. The same message here, I tried like 15 times to accept a bid for a NFT. The same error message occurs again and again. No explanation.
Please, yes it’s a minor sale but satisfaction of user is something.
I will be very pleased to have an explanation, and most of all , could be able to sell.

So few hours ago, gas was about 6 $ now more 80 $ for a selling of 3 RARI. But it doesn’t seem to work.

It’s hard to diagnose your problem with the information provided.

What wallet are you using? Is there any other information you can provide about the error?

It sounds to me like you are using a wallet that is not estimating the gas correctly and this is your issue.

I think you should refer to this guide I wrote about ethereum for more info