Improved RARI distribution

I agree this can’t go on like this any longer, every week we now let it happen is a week which damages Rarible as a platform. This needs to be the highest priority right now. I don’t care what system we go with, but we need something to atleast control this in some way and from there we can fine-tune it.


I think something like this would be a really good implementation; currently it seems like a lot of the leaderboard positions are held by people that already have loads of eth, so are much more comfortable spending larger amounts of it to essentially get an 80-100% rebate of $RARI

(Imagine the All Caps)…This proposal I 1000% agree we should move with. Something better than what we have now(echoing everyone else). Also, sorry yall I’ve been busy in like 20 other thangz so apologies.

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Loving this new set up. - Craftmatic