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Someone can kindly explain to me how l should do to sell only the images of my works without printing an sending the.


Hey @Claudiaciappino, welcome :slight_smile:

you don’t need to do anything special to sell just the digital image - you mint it as normal and no-one is expecting you to send a print unless you offer a print as part of the NFT

If you need help on how to mint an NFT then please use the search function as this topic has been covered to the nth degree already

otherwise, if you have any more questions, please ask; and good luck :slight_smile:

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@Claudiaciappino, what @SMARTPopArtist is entirely correct.

I would like to add that because you are new to the forum, it is only polite to say “hi” and perhaps tell us a bit about yourself.

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I apologize to everyone if i dind t introduce myself. I am an italian artist i paint on canvas and i do many exhibition in Italy and abroad. I make art of recycling in fact on my paintings i use materials such as paper, glass, alluminum, plastic an sometimes even the wet one. What a wallet is an how to create it.


About linking a wallet to rarible:

Another explanation:

Rarible FAQ:

but mind you, this you could have searched yourself on google, if only you would have taken the time to do it yourself…


Thank you very much.

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