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Hi all!

Quick question; is there a way to link both your website and your instagram profile here on Rarible? With the current moderation on instagram I’m pretty careful what I post there… but I do have a bit of a following there (and it’s an easy way to follow me). At the same time, I actually think my better work is on my website since I’m not under censorship there…

I’ve seen profiles with an instagram link and some with a website link, not sure I’ve seen profiles with both and couldn’t find out how to do it under edit profile.

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful weekend!



My things on Rarible can be found here.

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Hi Laurent,

don’t worry, i made the mistake. Click on my avatar, you’ll see my user cards where all my links are present. for that, just edit your bio and put your links first.


@Sheratan Thank you very much. That did the trick on my profile :+1:

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Very good Buddha trick, thank you.