Introduction for everyone

wanted to make a introduction topic so people can introduce themselves
post :

  • name…

  • creator, collector or both??..

  • creator: what kind art style…

  • collector: what kind of art are u looking for?..

  • art gallery link, and nft link…

my name is gio jaimes i have lots experience in the art world i’ve done done some of the basic

i’m a creator for now, i would love to collect some work from others but i’m taking my time in deciding on what to get

well i don’t really have a style but i do want to express the world problem into art, thats my goal to open peoples eye’s to show them how the world is.

rarible account:

art gallery:

social media’s


My name is AB and I live and breath art and design, 24/7 for the last 20 years.

So naturally I am a creator, but am also looking to collect once I have a bit of a portfolio (i.e ETH)

I have a WIDE range of art styles, from 2D design, to illustration, 3D and traditional mediums.
You can see some of my work on my portfolio site:

If you would like to follow me on Rarible that would be RAD:
Follow me HERE


HI my name is Valerio i am a designer and artist-

I am super new to all of this and try to figure out how it works and what’s the big deeper meaning of this NFT thing happening right now. But i feel that this will change a lot in the future and how the blockchain will and can be integrated in our lifes.

But besides this, i am more a creator than a collector right now. could change with some time.
Till now i just had time and patience to upload one piece but i have some plans and lots of ideas :slight_smile:

in my art i try to be aesthetic, playful but also sarcastic ironic like my self and i try to pack my ideas in to in drawings but also in resin and music.
If you like to follow me and see my path in this new world check out my rarible : BONBONBUM


Hello all,

My name is Jason, I come from Scotland in the UK. My life and love is art and photography. At the moment, I am a creator, but hopefully become a collector very soon. I like to recreate classical art and images and put a modern spin on them.

Here is my first NFT, I hope you like it

Apologies, at the moment I don’t use social media and I am in the process of finishing my website


Try out Tumblr it faster than making a website lol

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Haha very good point, never actually thought about it that way. I’ve tried to put too much thought into being professional about it lol

2 Likes check out mine lol it’s pretty much it’s like its own website


Very nice! Think I might just start one, so I have something to showcase until my site goes live.

Thanks dude


Welcome just trying to help out


It’s a start! I’ll add more tonight

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My name is Nick and im 20 years old.

I am a creator

I really enjoy making collectible boxes with different characters

My first work on rarible is here:


Hello there. I am a designer, an antique art enthusiast, a collector who studies historical carpet and rug motifs from past to present, and is keen on all arcological products.


Hello everyone! I`m Boris, a journalist, photographer and a bit of an artist from Uzbekistan.

I`m here because I finally found a place for the free exchange of creativity and references. The platform also helps to take a break from negative news and toxic communication on social networks — the Rarible community is really great :blue_heart:

if you’re interested in looking at a couple of works, here’s the page:

and instagram:


Satoshi’s Important writings about the peer to peer Electronic Cash system

We realy need help to go with our NFT.

Thank you so much!!!



Hello all,
I am George and I am an industrial designer. Came to Rarible to show my unrestrained by a package or hardware or manufacturing requirements artwork.
If you wish to see my profile check gojancho

To be honest most of the forum visitors should be creators, after all we are spreading the word about our work. If I was a buyer I would not have the need to write here, but I could be wrong :slightly_smiling_face:


true but there some buyers that come check …
and welcome to the forum…


just gonna up this for new members


Hi, let me introduce myself: I´ m Juliana Fasuolo, a brazilian NFT entusiast, with years of experience working as motion designer for broadcast television and digital media industry. Now I´m a creative, curator & collector for Pinax.