Is "Mani Grupa Crypto" a scam?

Hey guys,
i am pretty new to the world of nfts and rarible. But since about 2 weeks - the time i created the account - there is constantly this one profile in the top 15: Mani Grupa Crypto. Wtf do they? Their website is incomplete, their twitter almost dead, yet they make a shitload of eth with selling some strange cards with nonsense-pictures as some kind of share to their company. So I looked up the activity and sales. It appears that almost only freshly created accounts with less than 5 transactions on etherscan bought their nfts. the mentioned accounts mostly don’t have profile pics or any other informations. I post this to draw attention on this suspicous activity. Kind of looks like money laundering tbh. Maybe rarible should take a closer look, since such profiles like Mani Grupa might harm the reputation of this wonderful platform. Another thing is, that they also take away a chance for real artists to display their artwork in the top spots.

Cheers #girlz and #boiz


Hm, looked like a scam when you check the buyers… looks like they are making themself successful sellers by buying their own stuff through fake accounts.


exactly my thoughts!


Hmm) this is generally an expected step. wondering how it will end. subscribe

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Most of the time, I also notice this and the like. But I believe it will improve over time. Rotten apples will be cleaned.

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