Is there a way to make NFTs without paying $120+ in gas?

what it says on the box. I am a broke artist and relatively new to the NFT space. Is there a way to mint an NFT without exorbitant eth fees?

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Unfortunately not atm. But the Ethereum ecosystem are implementing gas reduction (fees reduction) mechanism to solve this gas fees.


i really hope we will be able to make NFT’s on cardano soon… the fees are way less!

I feel like If I go in the AM during my time zone I get good deals. sometimes as low as $14 but in the evenings, I try to stay away because the congestion is too much and blows gas prices through the roof.


there is a way to mint NFTs on other blockchains, like Tezos for examble, for mere fractions of a penny. However those are less userd and user friendly and they will not fetch decent prices. But if you are not in for the money, that is a useful option to have them on a blockchain.

Opensea also has the ability to mint a whole collection for the fee of a single transaction, and then you pay gas only when there is a sale. It’s called lazy minting. Works only go on-chain after they are sold and transferred.

Hope this helps!



Very informative thanks.:pray:

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What’s your timezone?

Thanks Jay, that was helpful. Does the fee go up in proportion of the size of edition?

Look at the Etherium Gas Fee chart. There are better times to Create NFTs that can be cheaper than other times.