Item for sale not showing up on my account

I posted my item for sale on and now I can’t see it when I click on the owned tab or for sale tab where did it go? And how do I see it’s for sale ?

hi @Anthony239, welcome :slight_smile: I’m just going to bullet-point this

1: whenever you post on a new forum (for you) for the first time, you will show a good level of respect to the other users on that forum if you use the basics of friendly introduction and interaction by using terms such as "hi’ or “hello” or “hey - [this is me]”;

2: conversely, if you don’t do that - especially when seeking help - you are showing the users of the forum a fair amount of disrespect and those users are probs just going to scrub you by with the feeling “why am I even going to bother trying to help this dude?”

3: when you ask for help it usually helps your cause if you at least post a link to the problem you are having such as your Rarible profile, and then we might be able to see the problem you’re having

4: an addendum to point 2: you’ll get much more respect if you, again, do basics of human social interaction when asking for help such as “please” and “thank you”; again, you’re showing disrespect by not doing this

5: is this your first NFT or not?

6: if the first - did you get charged for two interactions or not?

7: how long have you been waiting for it to show up?

8: has the transaction been confirmed in your wallet?

9: what wallet are you using?

10: do you see your missing piece on Etherscan or OpenSea?

etc. etc. etc

PS - patience is often the desired behavioural trait on this and many other platforms; if it doesn’t show up straight away, don’t worry - give it time and it will