Item (NFT) dont show up

Hi there, yesterday I uploaded my third NFT but ist doesnt show up. It seems it is still loading but this doesnt make any sense.

My Account is

Please help.



Same happens to me, none of my NFT’s are showing up

I just found out via OpenSea and Etherscan that maybe something went wrong with the payment, allthough I allready payed round about 32$. Maybe something with the Gas Price went wrong. What should I do now? Any suggestions?

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Is your problem solved?

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No it is not, I cant even delete the item. It is somehow still pending or something.

I created it for the first time yesterday. appears but the gif does not open

Same. In my MetaMask wallet it still says that the NFT I created is queued.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 8.55.48 AM

Within the Etherscan is says that the transaction was dropped.

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I am having the same issue have you found a solution?


Something like that happened to me too… it charged me 60$ And yet I can’t view the image of my art. It shows an error :frowning:

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Same here. Charged but can’t see the art.

  • This is now fixed … just needed to wait a bit
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How long did it take to fix?

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Couple of hours. It just appeared.

Same here, what did u do?

same, charged, no NFT, no support, no error message, nothing, just “poof” and my money had disappeared with nothing to show for it


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SAME HERE!!! I’m so mad

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This happened to me too, I think. I’ve only created one so far, and I see the “Contract Execution” in my wallet, but no item is showing up in my Rarible acct.

Did anyone find a solution?

Hello, yesterday I trie to create a NFT on Rarible. I got the miner fee ETH drawn from my wallet, but the item doesn’t shows up in “My items”. Someone has a solution?

Hello, so you went through step 2?

Were you connected on rarible for long? Sometime you need to close and reopen your browser before minting as it may generate errors.

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