Just minted 2 NFTs and cant sell them

I just minted 2 NFTs. When i click on “collectables” nothing shows up. But when i click on “activity” i can see them. when i click on them it takes me to a page where i can click “put on sale”. when i click that, another box pops up asking me to choose a price. i choose a price and click “put on sale”. the button then turns grey and my cursor turns into a red circle. it also says i ahve “0” in stock… any help is greatly appreciated!!


Yea I have same problem… I think market overloaded, and we just need to wait

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Did your NFTs get uploaded on sale?

I’m sorry this has happened but I’m happy to see I’m not alone. I was having the exact same issue. But now the Put on Sale button just says place a bid. Even though I’m the owner.


I’m not able to put mine on sale either and it doesn’t show up in the search. What you could try to do is open it in another browser that doesn’t have your wallet connected to see if it can be bidded on based on your creation settings. Hope this helps someone.

This is my first NFT about my life falling apart…

I have the same problem with my NFT. Can anyone help?

same… problems with this site… hopefully they fix soon.

@7usk @simonhaiduk whats your profile url?