Kayaman's journey into crypto art

Hey :wave:
I’m a noob…I don’t know what I’m doing!
Right, I minted my first NFT, it is an old flash animation I made in 2002 on Corel Rave. I’ve got a few more, the plan is to build a collection and discover this space. I want to learn, understand, to eventually create relevant digital art. I’m mainly a analog artist , trying to figure out if I can produce crypto art that is consistant with the rest of what I do.


我也是新来的一个菜鸟,。Kaya Kaya在Facebook上。加入Facebook,与Kaya Kaya和您可能认识的其他人建立联系。Facebook赋予人们分享的力量,并使世界更加开放和连接。

Hey, :wave:
A week in, progress so far? not much. Converted all my old flash animations loops into Gif’s for future drops. Like and follow others… Next big step is to get verified :white_check_mark:
I hate it, but I need to work on my social media (and social skills :roll_eyes:)
Joined Discord and instagram, maybe twiter… Where do you guys promote your work?

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I find that as a whole, excluding your personal mailing list, Instagram is the best social platform to promote artworks but twitter has a large NFT community so I just joined on there too. :+1:t3:

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Day 10, I’m now on twiter instagram discord…Wow, lots of eyecandy out there…I can’t afford gas so I’m stuck with my 1 NFT…I have a few antique flash loops to mint. Recycling old shit. I am exploring options to migrate. but will likely end up just waiting for ETH2.0

Week 2. Stalling, badly. I refuse to spend 50€ to mint a gif, let alone ask 150€ for it for no profit, just to be able to mint another one. All this talk about an NFT art revolution is bullshit at this prices. This is killing my creativity, Art is free…make it free! fuck…Anyways, I’m lurking on instagram and twiter, lots of wonderful things, but unfortunately for me, NFT is a spectator sport. Not the update I wanted to make, but it is what it is!

Quick update,
Priced out of ethereum, I’ve moved to Tezos:

Better for me, gas is cheap, I’m a clumsy noob, if you look at my gallery:
Yes, I double minted that cat :roll_eyes:
Posted pics on my instagram to give context to my work:
Lurking twitter ,trying to feel my way in the cryptophere, feeling a little less green everyday:
Self promotion is hard