Lazy minting, will this be available on the current Rarible site?

Hey as we are all most probably aware of, gas prices are currently super high and it’s holding the growth of my account.

I read the new doc today about the Rarible protocol

When lazy minting is mentioned, is that the same as how open-sea currently works? And if so, will we get that ability to mint with no gas on the current Rarible platform? The article reads that way, but I am keen to understand when and if that function will be released for us to leverage on the current platform.

Hoping to get some help from the community.

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I think it is the way forward for ETH. We are all at the mercy of gas fees. It stipples the market on many days.

ETH 2.0 and 2nd layer solutions are coming/being implemented, there is hope for a future of always low gas fees and faster transactions!

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