Let's talk about possibilities

There are the obvious things out there for growing networks. Follow-for-Follow, general participation, etc. Let’s share ideas about growing your networks, but that’s not all…

What ideas do you have about how to use the smart contract?

I’m looking into things like printing hardcopies, providing discounts for merchandise, and providing access to events. The NFT, to me, is more than just the token you see. What ideas and concepts are you exploring?


Excellent question.

I work for a groovy brand called Staycoolnyc (separate from my personal Rarible account in my bio). Our main business is in clothing, but we also do a lot of collabs and other projects, so we can grow to be more of a lifestyle brand than just “those guys with the hoodies”.

As such, we decided to dip our feet into the NFT game (via collaborations with other artists). To stand out, anyone buys an NFT with our name on it, will also get a physical piece of clothing to match. Our recent drop was with Cryptogummy:

We also did one with Numan Khan, of “Gumbo” fame.

Basically, we want our NFTs to be multidimensional. Not just a digital token, but a real piece of clothing, or some other experience. We’re willing to try all kinds of new things.

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I’m trying to use nfts to raise money for Charites and the community the thought being that as long as the token is circulated some amount of money will always be provided to the non profit organization its a slow start but i believe the concept itself has some merit.


THIS is exactly what I’m talking about! I love it.

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This is definitely an interesting proposition. How do you show transparency in your process?

@Disputed im still looking into it but so far the best bet seems to be to set up a website that tracks donations and has like a live counter and periodically announcing winners on the community page or website always open to suggestions tho currently in the struggle phase

I feel you on the struggle!!! Such is the nature of trying to break new ground. I’m facing many similar struggles. I operate multiple small businesses, so I am challenge-friendly!! HAHAHA…

It does appear as though making changes using an outside website is the best current method. I wish I had a backend web designer on staff (I can’t do it all anymore).

I’m looking forward to see how Rarible and others continue to improve their interfaces and options. Right now it is an open sea… not necessarily as logically sortable as I’d like it to be. Even now, when I type “disputed” into the search… I don’t get any of my stuff despite “disputed” being part of the text of my titles. That’s really odd for a simple search function.

You may have already considered a landing page that walks folks through the process, that lives in front side of the counter page.

Fantastic idea! I have been giving some thought to the same type of scenario.
Are you implying that one of the token ‘purchasers’ would be awarded 10,000 dollars/ETH? Great incentive. May I suggest…why not 50% of the lottery winnings to purchaser, and 50% to charity of their choosing (from the designated list). This would allow for larger portion of the funds to be directed to the charity vs a small commission from .008 sales. Perhaps nominate/feature 2 or 3 business start ups/charitable groups per cycle. After a determined number of rotations/time length, assign 2 or 3 new replacement nominees.
I am not techy at all. AT ALL lol. So my original thought was primitive!.. Simply set up wallets for the present featured nominees. At the end of their cycle, evenly disburse the funds/eth to their wallets. The transaction (verification) could be publicly viewed. Hence legitimacy. Obviously a landing page/website would be better. If you know how to do that sort of thing.
I have actively been trying to assist with a small start up myself. Raising funds can be difficult

Your idea is amazing. I am sure you will come up with a brilliant way to put this into action. Good on you :pray: :pray: :+1: :clap: :smiley:
I hope many offer up valuable advice or assistance. I will be following so I can support/purchase when the time comes. We need more of this in the NFT community.

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