Life and art, going with the flow, etc

This post may end up being ranty, but i’ll try to make it not too ranty.

How do you reconcile art with life? Do you create only when your life is going smooth (or stop making art to focus on life while it’s really good)? Do you thrive on dark and challenging phases? Do you maintain a balance where life and art benefit from each other, no matter the circumstance?

For me, life comes first. If i’m not well, i can’t create. But also, creating is crucial for my wellbeing.

Around the time i began with NFTs (march 2021), everything was mostly great. I was being productive, most of my pieces sold right away, felt good. Then life stuff started happening one after another, and i saw myself not having time, or energy, or motivation to create.

Now i’m getting back to normal again, slowly, after like 3 months of unproductivity. Sometimes i return feeling re-energized. Others, it’s harder to get back into the creative flow. Regardless, these breaks are necessary, whether voluntary or forced. You have to go with the flow and do what feels natural at any given time.

Ideas have never been my challenge. Time management, discipline, and motivation are. And feeling that my art is commercially viable. Even tho it sells, it is still an uphill struggle to find audience and buyers, and sometimes i’m like: “why bother?”

One other thing: what motivated this post was that… often i see NFTs as this shiny, clean, futuristic thing that’s beyond the messiness and chaos of life. More machine than human, maybe. At fundamental odds with the sloppy reality of a flesh and blood organism who started out their art journey scribbling with charcoal on caves. When my life got messy, the last thing i had in my mind were NFTs.

Well. That’s it. I hope it wasn’t too ranty. We all have challenges, and we all want to make art. Would love to know your thoughts / feelings on this.

Have a nice messy human day! :tropical_fish::banana:


Hi @PezBanana

So my life doesn’t revolve around art, but i practise almost everyday. I create whatever the situation is as art can bring some relief in painful times.

I guess it’s a mix of pleasure and discipline. As long as you take the first step to hold a pen (digital or real), the flow comes and you can start creating.

In my case, as I’m a niche artist, I do not run after buyers as it’s pointless.

I’m on the opposite of ultra modernism and futuristic NFTs and I must agree that those ones are particulartly successful.

It’s not a rant, it’s a lack of energy and somehow a deception. Don’t worry, it’ll get better :slight_smile:
Have a nice day too!


I see art as part of my personality so it doesn’t weight on my life.
The other things I got to do are the heavy parts!

Art is relief and healing time, but I understand that to make it a profession sometimes you need to force.

There’s no escape here… only the ones who can sustain difficult times will enjoy the results.

Never surrender :pray: :sparkles:


Love it, thanks for your thread - this is exactly what we need more of on here :slight_smile:

For me, I cannot have a day without creativity; if I’m not working on something then I berate myself, I feel like it was a lost day and I totally understand our days are limited

My work comes before anything else :slight_smile:


@PezBanana Not ranty I think mind you as I don’t know what that word means. I found this on Google Wildly excited; riotous, boisterous, lively; bad-tempered, inclined to rant, characterized by ranting.

In slang it’s like 1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner. 2 : to scold vehemently. transitive verb. : to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion.

Is this what you are referring too? I am not in the know of the English language, sometimes I pretend to be. That’s why I am asking. :upside_down_face:


Going on a rant is basically expressing one’s emotions about a particular subject without taking into consideration another’s point of view

It usually happens when one is at the end of one’s tether and basically just wants to let rip

There’s not often anything ill-mannered to another, it’s just we all occasionally need to scream - and that’s exactly what it is; although, some screams are louder than others :slight_smile:


Thank you @Sheratan for your reply and insight. What you say is true, that first step is what matters most. That’s the key of discipline, draw at least a tiny line without thinking much about the result (a deadline, a commission, sales, like, etc). And the rest will flow easier than you think.

Oh i forgot to mention in my post that art is my full time job (as a freelancer). That comes with its own set of pros and cons and challenges.

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Healing time. I like that. It should never feel like an unpleasant chore but leave you feeling better. And if it happens to be your job, then every little bit you produce gets you closer to the goal at hand. Right now i’m struggling with delayed commissions, and deadlines haha. But i’ve forced myself to work a bit every day and i’m getting closer to meeting my goals.

As you said: never surrender… just maybe, take a little break once in a while. :smiley:


Oh i hear that a lot from fellow artists, the pressure to be constantly producing, even at the expense of your own health, or time from your loved ones etc. There was a good youtube video about it, the phenomenon has a name (something like YOLO but along the lines of… fear of being unproductive… something like that).

It’s a subject for another thread, but it’s interesting to see how different personality types have different fears and challenges, and how these reflect who you are, your upbringing, traumas, etc. For what it’s worth, same applies to our strengths too.


I think that’s broadly accurate. I meant start talking about something and soon lose track of the main subject and you end up just complaining and making little or no sense.


I don’t see it as a mental health condition - it’s just who I am and I actually love that about myself but maybe it does form some sort of mental health condition if I can’t relax about not having a productive day 🤷

It’s interesting, I hadn’t thought of it as yolo or anything so thanks for that, I’ll look it up :slightly_smiling_face:

As for traumas I have multiple from my childhood and drawing was my safe space so yeah, there probs is a connection …

Holy shit - this is getting deep! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your answer, I love considered replies


You made sense to me though, you actually wrote down what I am experiencing at the moment. Watching movies helps me, listening to music, cuddle with my cats, talk to friends, cook some food, stay all day in bed, take a trip to another city, work work work. Worry about the future anything bad I can imagine will not even happen and fuels my anxiety, somehow necessary, as it also feeds my inspiration. I create therefore I am. :slightly_smiling_face:


@SMARTPopArtist Oh i never meant to refer to mental health conditions… when i said different personality types have different fears, challenge, strengths, i mean it this way:

(using myself as an example): I am an introvert, and as such most of the energy i need for my wellbeing comes from my “inner world” and i have a very vibrant imaginative inner world, which in turn fuels my art. However, i am not 100% asocial, and i do need and enjoy interaction and social approval… especially since i was the shy lonely kid at school, and my art was my one way to stand out in class.

So making art became a way to connect, but also a way to gain the appreciation that otherwise i would not have gotten. But when my art doesn’t connect or get the response that i hope for, then i feel as bad as if i had been rejected personally (BUT i try not to take it personally).

As you see, in my case, art can both empower and uplift me, but it can also be a source of sadness if i give too much power to how people respond to it. This has also caused my art career to follow a more “emotional”, haphazard path rather than a rational, disciplined, business centered path.

The kind of art i make, and my own relationship with my art, and how i manage my art career, are ALL related to my personality type and my experiences growing up. Nothing to do with “mental health conditions” at all… tho if there were mental health conditions, that i also okay, and nothing to worry or feel sorry about.



Cuddling cats, cooking, and trips to new cities! That sounds like a dream! (i do the first two daily, but sadly i live in a very small country with not many interesting cities to visit). I fully relate to what you’re describing, especially regarding anxiety… keeping always busy helps the mind stay focused in here and now, which is the only thing we can control. When you start worrying too much about the mistakes of the past or the dangers of the future, ooooff, anxiety! Creating a little bit every day helps with this! :green_heart:


Where do you life? I have been checking you out. I like this! :joy:

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Oh i’m just a nomadic expat jumping from one country to another right now. I’m glad you like my stuff. In case you’re asking about the shop, it ships anywhere worldwide. :smiley:


Seems we had similar paths :slight_smile:

I’m not one of those people that see mental health conditions as a barrier or socially unacceptable space; it’s part of the human condition and we all experience it so no need to apologise as you hit the nail on the head and gave me something to think about for which I thank you :slight_smile:


In my family (quite a few creative types) we call the days when nothing works, or the days when the stress to art ratio is off balance the ‘going through the mud’ days. I think it is all part of it and maybe even necessary for creativity to flourish. Not fun when you are going through it though.


You have raised an interesting and important topic :dizzy: :+1:
I have not separated life and art. Art is a part of my life that I have to deal with like other things in life. I try to earn money by selling paintings, mixed media, and cover design. I have a workroom in my house and I do some of my work at home.


This is a great analogy, that’s exactly how it feels! Yeah it’s a drag, and some of these phases can last so long!