Life and art, going with the flow, etc

Thank you, glad to have you join the conversation!
Yes, i can relate with how you describe it. Life and art constantly linked. Just sometimes… the balance is off.


Also I would say that it is ok to take a break when you need to, there just are times like that. When life is crowding in I try (emphasis on try, no perfection here) to do a one minute or five minute drawing a day, it is amazing how much art you can fit into a minute!


That’s an interesting analogy - for years I’ve been saying it’s like a dolphin swimming through mud :slight_smile:


you definitely described my path :smiley:
so you are not alone in it…


Art for me is communicating a message or through a number of pieces a story. Fundamentally telling stories without all the words. As my stories are mainly fictitious it allows me more scope to make things up that come to mind.

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Right again! There’s an element of underlying over-expectations from ourselves sometimes, like: “every single thing i post on social media has to be a masterpiece, or else it’s not worth even to start drawing it”. And sadly, social media audiences tend to perpetuate this.

My more complex pieces that take several days to finish, always get more likes and comments than the simpler ones that take only a few hours (i’m a slow, meticulous worker regardless of complexity). So it’s easy to fall into that hole of “why bother”.

Also true what you say about taking breaks. Gotta be careful tho, because for some of us it’s easy for a break to become a swamp.

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Good to know! :grinning: Also good to confirm that there are real human people behind the art. Social media has a way of sanitizing and dehumanizing art (and everything, really), making it all seem so pristine and shiny. Making it look like “content” instead of art, or food, or life.


So you’re one of those who successfully separate art from life? (or at least, makes art out of fictional stuff, as opposed to harvesting material from your own life?)

Oh yes, I know that swamp!


Its tough to create art without life. While i enjoy fictional subjects i have also painted real life subjects and still do. Its a bit like writing a fictional novel vs true life story…both have a place.


In the end, i think every creator inevitably creates from their own life, even if pure fiction. Our chosen masks reveal our truest selves.


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