Limit upload resolution

Just my input please DO NOT upload full res NFTs bad actors will take advantage. Provide link as unlockable content instead. Limit should be set on uploads enough to view on thumbnail because I noticed when I upload a full res of my image and on the buy page if I right click image and open in new tab full res images is available. I think that defeat the purpose of owning a nft if anyone can just click and save image if full res is uploaded with out buying or transferring.

People may think at first that if they can right click and save, this makes NFTs useless, but that is actually not true.

The value of an NFT is not access to a JPG file. It’s owning a provably scarce asset - the blockchain token signed with a cryptographic hash of the file. Basically: the value is in the token, not in the JPG.

A lot has been written about it, I will get some links for reference and post here.

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Yes I understand the Value is in the Token, but if i am selling a Token and the purchase of that token grants access to full resloution image… should the full resoultion image be accessible to anyone that doesnt own the nft?

Sorry I have not gotten the links yet, but basically yes.

Our traditional idea of ownership, mostly coming from ownership of physical goods, includes exclusive access. With digital goods, exclusive access becomes very hard to ensure, and in many cases does not even make sense.

One of the great breakthroughs of blockchain is to provide a solution for ownership of digital goods that does not require exclusive access. Many people have access to the file, but they don’t own the art because they don’t own the token. Non owners can have access but they cannot sell just the JPG, the only sellable part is the token.

It is actually good that other people have access to what you own, because they can verify what is it that you own and this brings legitimacy to the owner. The cryptographic hash written to the blockchain is tied to a specific file.

The “unlockable” that Rarible provides is not written to the blockchain, it is just a nice extra service and it’s great for many things. But if Rarible were to stop providing it for some reason, it just disappears. The token on the other hand, will still be preserved, even if Rarible or other platforms cease to exist, as long as the blockchain continues to exist, the tokens will be there.