List of eco-friendly NFT's platforms

After some thought on the matter and research

Here are my 2 cents on it.

Aside from crazy gas fee, ETH as of right now is not sustainable (until at least POS and ETH 2.0)
with a carbon footprint of a several lifetimes for one NFT… my conscience came into play…

I’m strongly considering those platforms and was thinking maybe other people might be interested as well as maybe having already migrating and might give their own opinion about those platforms (it would be awesome).
I’ve put the token used on them too :

Kodadot (KUSAMA)

Hicetnunc (FLOW)

Pixeos (EOS)

NFT showroom (HIVE)

Near (NEAR)

Ghost Market (SOUL)

Lovada (soon to be launched, ADA)

and other less interesting from my perspective but worth a look :

Solible (Solana

Kalamint (Tezos)

Sing-art (Waves)

If you know of any other

Specially if they’re powered by DOT or ADA
or XDC, I’d gladly take those informations

Hope it will help some people

Feel free to leave a comment


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