Listing no longer has unlockable (button and color price)

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I have encountered something odd after changing the price of one of my pieces; it no longer shows as having any unlockable content. When on the listing, the ‘Get Unlockable Content’ button is missing, and the price has changed from blue/pink (which signifies an unlockable?) to white. My other listings still have their unlockables but I’m worried about changing prices now.

Has anyone else encountered this? Will the unlockable reappear after some time?

Thanks for any help/advice & hope everyone has a good weekend.

EDIT: The issue does not appear to be caused by changing prices.


It looks like a bug. All the Unlockable button on all my nfts i have on sale have disappeared.


This is crazy, because we have very limited editing capabilities on our nfts burning them and reupload is too expensive.


What you put in unlockable area is written in the token. This can’t be changed once minted. This looks like a display bug from rarible. Dont burn and mint again.


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Maybe you should link your NFT here so we can check?

My NFT here and my profile here
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Hi! I can also confirm this bug. The Unlockable button disappeared on one of my items.


Also the color of text was changed.


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This was the NFT in question: here. Let me know if it appears to have an unlockable to you.

Since yesterday, another of mine has also had this happen, but I did not change the price. Changing price may have nothing to do with this bug (but could be a ‘trigger’?)

My understanding was as @EPHEMERE said, that the content is written within the token, so should be no cause for concern and just a matter of time til fixed.

Should this be reported as a bug somewhere?

Thanks everyone


No it does’nt.

I think there’s a bug you can report in #site-feedback maybe?

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

This problem occurs when you receive likes. It happened to me with another item.


I can confirm what @InfinianIllustration says. The two items of mine that have the issue are the only two to have received likes in the past 12 - 24 hours. Nice catch.


Nevermind, the next item to receive a like did not have any issue! Could be partly fixed now or just a coincidence. Waiting on unlockables on 2 listings to come back.
I started a support ticket so someone should be aware of it soon.


Hi! I have the same issue with my token. Unlockable content disappeared!


Oi, o meu aconteceu o mesmo… já comuniquei o suporte, eles estão verificando…


Looks like the issue is fixed! :partying_face: A couple of days ago I contacted the support team regarding the problem via e-mail and they replied!

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Oh wow, maybe it needs a manual intervention because mine are still missing the unlockable button. I sent an email as well so will see.

Edit: Just got an answer from Rarible.

"Hello, Ephemere NFT​

We sincerely apologize for the delay in our response. A combination of the media sensation and a wave of new users has created significant demand for NFT issuance platforms like Rarible. We are working through large amounts of support tickets. Of course, this is not an excuse but merely an explanation. The majority of issues users face comes from the complex nature of the Ethereum blockchain and the infrastructure involved.

We hope you understand and accept our apology.

There is currently a front-end issue affecting unlockable content for NFTs. This content is not lost. Some items have already been restored. The developer team is working hard on a universal solution.

Thank you for reporting your problems to us. Your feedback helps us improve Rarible for everyone.

We are sorry about the inconvenience this is causing you and ideally, this won’t happen again in the future. There are updates being made to the platform at a fairly consistent rate. With new updates, sometimes there are new bugs encountered and thankfully, this is only cosmetic.

Kind regards,
Rarible Support"

So they are working on it :partying_face:


Hey i’ve got the same problem here, do you think that i should contact support too???


I found a way to “fix” it. I lower the price of my NFTs and the unlockable button and color price came back.