Lost Eth Wallet Connected to account

Hi - I lost my Eth wallet connected to my account and am unable to recover it.

I did, however, submit a verification request before I lost the wallet linking the account to an insta, twitter, and gmail all of which I can prove I have access to.

Is there any way to manually change the wallet address from Raribles side at this point?



I’m struggling with this and ronin I usually keep everything In good order. Like binders folders

Hey there ,you should reach out to rarible on discord chanel , they will tell you if is possible .
Good luck

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Hello and welcome @cancelledclubNFT,

As @MixedMedia69 told you, try to reach the Rarible support through Discord. They may be able to reconnect another wallet to your previous account. What was your name?

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reestablish connection wallet/rarible
I did this on my pc browser (rarible) and wallet app (mobile)

  • just heart an nft in your browser, forcing rarible to send a signing request to your wallet.
  • a window opens and “sending request” message is shown. below you see “re-connect”.
  • click that “re-connect” button.
  • a QR code will show on your browser.
  • wallet on mobile scanning the QR (sometimes it doesnt work and needs multible tries).
  • connection should be created.

hope this can help… @cancelledclubNFT @mgilla

If you lost the recovery phrase of your wallet. everything gone I am affraid.

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