Lost in the process

Hi I tried multiple times last night to mint a token but I don’t think I got through. It’s my first attempt and it seems the ‘smart contract interaction’ has been confirmed but I haven’t gotten through to the final minting stage. Is there anyway now to retrospectively go back and connect that smart contract interaction with a piece of artwork to follow through to the end of the process?

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If you didn’t lose your eth fee, try again from the start.

You likely paid the approval fee. This is a one time fee and will be charged by any application that requests to use your balance to mint or ‘spend’

This is normal and no one took your funds. You paid the Ethereum network to process your transaction.

There are two fees

  • Set approval all
  • Mint

The approval fee is a one time thing and it’s mandatory to allow Rarible to mint from your wallet. :slight_smile: :innocent:

It’s not a trick. It’s standard.

Other than that I can suggest searching your wallet on etherscan and see if there are pending transactions.

Refer to this guide I wrote about ethereum for more info


i emailed support, minted my first token yesterday went fine. I went to mint another token today, saw the gas fee was $62 dollars, and they charged me $13.52 for an approval fee. why is this?