Managing multiple pieces of the same artwork within Rarible

Hello! My example which I could sure use some advice with, is this;
I bought 2 of the same piece from someone. I believe that I put one of them on sale, and i would like to move the other one into my Metamask wallet. I cannot currently select between the copies of the item I have, when I try to get specific data, nor when I try to click the “Send Token” button on the artwork. In other words, i dont know which one I am sending to my wallet ( I wouldnt really want to send the one that I spent money to list for sale to my wallet, I rather send the one not for sale)

Here is the piece;

If you made it this far BIG THANK YOU!
Also, any thoughts on the multiple edition mess that is the whole “1 of 10 available” or whichever amount was minted showing up on a sale of a piece that you only own 1 of?

Again, thanks and I look forward to any experience any has!

-Gallery Jones